iPhone Slow? What’s Up with iOS 10 Performance

Why is my after installing  10? Is it a conspiracy by Apple to convince users to buy the new 7 or 7 Plus?

Soon after the  10 update arrived we started to see users wondering if  iOS 10 is something Apple does to convince users to upgrade to a new .

We hear this every year with a major iOS update, and perhaps more so this year with Apple’s decision to offer the iOS 10 update on aging devices like the iPhone 5 and and iPhone 5c.

Some users are already saying they will wait for iOS 10.1 to arrive before updating since later updates typically fix speed issues on some devices.

Join us for a look at the complaints about a slow iPhone and how you can try to fix slow iOS 10 without buying a new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.

What you need to know about slow iPhone performance on iOS 10.

What you need to know about slow iPhone performance on iOS 10.

Slow iPhone issues appear frequently after updates, partially due to the phone needing to re-index items, but also due to other upgrade challenges and out of date apps.

We are also hearing about complaints from iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 owners who feel that iOS 10 slowed down their iPhone and trends show an increase in search for “iPhone is slow” near each major release of new Apple software.

iPhone Slow: Is it a Conspiracy?

When you start using a new version of iOS on your older iPhone it may suddenly seem much slower. In fast, it may be slower in some areas due to the challenge of running new software on an older device.

Is Apple intentionally slowing down your old iPhone to make you upgrade to a new iPhone? There is no proof that the company is doing this, and it seems unlikely considering that users can simply choose not to install iOS 10.

Another important thing to consider is that Apple doesn’t need to use slow performance to get users to upgrade, when they purposely keep features limited to the new iPhone. Some times we see new features that should in theory work on older iPhones only show up on the newest model.


Instead of relying on crippling older phones, Apple adds in new iPhone 7 specific features to iOS 10 and adds new features to the phone like water resistance, a new home button and upgraded cameras.

iOS 10 Performance

In our time testing the iOS 10 update on the iPhone 6s we didn’t run into slowdowns that some users complain about. We are in the process of testing iOS 10 on other Apple devices to see how it handles.

Sure, there are iOS 10 problems, but slow performance isn’t one of the major complaints just yet. Watch the iOS 10 vs iOS 9.3.5 speed test video below showing the iPhone 6 to see any speed differences.

On an older device like the iPhone 5c or iPhone 5, there is often a greater chance of experiencing slow iPhone problems. Below you can see iOS 10 vs iOS 9.3.5 on the iPhone 5.

It’s a good idea to check out the performance of your iPhone on iOS 10 before you update.


How to fix Slow iPhone iOS 10 Performance

How to fix slow iOS 10 performance.

How to fix slow iOS 10 performance.

Learn how to fix slow iPhone performance on iOS 10. This will work on your iPhone 5 or your iPhone 6, it doesn’t matter which iPhone you have, these three options allow you to improve slow iPhone performance after installing iOS 10.

Reset Settings

The easy solution to slow iPhone performance is to reset all settings on your iPhone. This will not delete your apps, data or music, but you will likely need to re-setup WiFi connections and you will need to customize your iPhone settings again.

To start, go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings -> Enter Your Passcode. Now, wait for the iPhone to restart.

Reset Your iPhone

The next level solution to completely reset your iPhone. If you are using an older iPhone and you have not ever started over from scratch since you bought it, this is a good time to try starting over. This will wipe all of your data from your iPhone and you will need to sync it back or to restore from a backup.

Use these options to fix slow iPhone problems on iOS 10.

Use these options to fix slow iPhone problems on iOS 10.

If you restore from a backup you may bring some problems back, but it is the easiest way to get all of your data on to your iPhone again after a reset.

Once you are done backing up, you can go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings and Content -> Enter a Passcode.

This will restart your iPhone and wipe it clean. This will take some time and you cannot use your iPhone while it happens.

Go Back to iOS 9

You can still go back to iOS 9 for a limited time. This normally only lasts a week or more so if you are concerned, now is the time to go back to iOS 9. You can only go back to iOS 9.3.5, but you can go back and wait for iOS 10.0.1 or iOS 10.1.

29 iOS 10 Features Worth Upgrading For

iOS 10 Messages, Emojis & Features

1 / 29iOS 10 Messages, Emojis & Features

The iOS 10 Messages app is completely new with changes to emoji, app access, stickers, and all kinds of upgrades to the way you communicate with other users. There is even an invisible ink option.

When in messages you can see videos you get play in line while you keep talking. Videos now also play inline in Safari. When you tap the camera icon you immediately see what is in front of your screen.

The iOS 10 Emoji are three times bigger in the transcript and you now see Emoji predictions when you type. After you type a message you can tap the emoji keyboard and iOS 10 highlights words you can substitute emoji for.

New Bubble effects allow you to shout or whisper when you send a message and there are even full screen animation options when you really need to impress. An invisible ink sending option hides what someone is saying until you swipe.

iPhone users can send handwritten messages, taps with Digital touch and share a heartbeat. When someone shares something awesome you can reply with a tap-back by tapping on message to share a special short reply.

There are now stickers and you can doodle and draw on photos you take to really spice up your messages. You may not need other keyboards to deliver all your creativity. 

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