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Smart homes conserve water. The can help!

The world’s most extreme water-saving

:Nozzle helps you use only the amount of water you need, so you don’t waste millions of gallons of water as the water slips through your fingers.

The Altered Nozzle Kickstarter Project reduces the amount of water you waste by 75 per cent.This nozzle alters the atomization of water, turning it into a misting spray.This nozzle fits on your existing tap, so "installation" is a breeze.

Same tap, 98 percent less water

The Altered:Nozzle is a water-drop-shaped nozzle that fits onto your existing faucet. Just replace the aerator on the faucet you already have, no need to buy a new one.

It alters the water’s atomization, breaking water into millions of droplets. This changes the flow so that it sprays in a wide arc (kind of like the sprinklers you see in the produce aisle at the grocery store). This means you can wash your hands, fruit, or dishes like you already do, but with 98 percent less water.

This Kickstarter prevents millions of gallons of water from slipping or splashing off your hands and down the drain, which means less water is wasted by the essential things we do every day. For those moments when you need that extra burst of water to clean your dishes, Altered:Nozzle has a switch mode that gives you the flow you need while still using 75 percent less water than standard taps.



Altered:Nozzle fits onto your existing faucet and alters the atomization of water so you can wash your hands, dishes, or food, but with 98 percent less water.

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Small change, big impact

Altered:Nozzle is available in chrome, brass, blue, white, or 18 carat yellow gold finishes, and it is easy to swap in with your current faucet. Installation takes 30 seconds.

Making this small change to your faucet still gives you full functionality but can cut your water consumption by 98 percent. When you use the nozzle’s “save mode,” you still achieve 75 percent savings. You can help save the world, millions of saved water droplets at time!

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