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Heath and fitness

Equator tracks basic activity with beautiful style

The most fashionable way to track activity

There are a lot of activity trackers on the market, and while they may have great features, they’re not so great-looking. A chic and elegant person wants a device that’s going to look as amazing as they do. Enter, the Equator.

The Amazfit Equator is a particularly stylish, ceramic activity tracker.It measures sleep activity, daily steps and distance, and manages alarms and phone notifications.Your data syncs easily with the companion app so you can monitor your day's activities.The black or white tracker can be worn as a bracelet or pendant.

The perfect 24-hour companion

The Amazfit Equator is an ultra-slim, ultra-sleek activity tracker that will help you track things like how many steps you’ve taken, how many calories you’ve burned, or how much sleep you got the night before and whether it was restful or restless.

You can program your Amazfit Equator to vibrate when you have an incoming call, and you can set your daily alarm on it, too. It’s got a 10-day battery life from a single wireless charge, so you don’t have to worry about charging it every night.

It’s scratch and water resistant, so it’s no sweat to wear while you’re working up a sweat in the gym or the pool (up to three feet). You can also wear your Equator when you’re showering off (it’s rated up to 30 minutes).

Amazfit Equator


The Amazfit Equator is a beautiful ceramic activity tracker that logs steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned and quality of sleep. It notifies you of incoming calls and you can set your daily alarm on it, too.

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Sleek and on fleek

If that’s not enough, the Equator is simply gorgeous. The hypoallergenic ceramic tracker has been polished to the perfect luster and will add a splash of shine to any ensemble.

It has an elegant, lightweight adjustable wristband, is available in black or white, and its award-winning ceramic design is sleek and sophisticated, so you’ll be feelin’ on fleek all day, every day.

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