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iLuun Air is the ultimate wireless flash drive

Save space on your mobile device!

Never worry about which selfies or food pics you want to keep or delete from your phone or tablet to free up space ever again! iLuumi Air lets you load your favorite on the go to stream and share wireless with all your tech!

iLuun Air is a wireless flash drive allowing you to access data between many devices.This flash drive also uses USB 3.0 technology to transfer files through a physical connection when desired.Carry your favourite songs with you without using up storage space on your device.iLuun Air is available in four sizes from 32GB to 256GB.

Adapt to wireless

iLuun Air is a smart flash drive that allows you to wirelessly share . This Kickstarter is a perfect solution for saving space on your phone or tablet, but still having access to the you need. Whether it’s sharing photos from a recent trip with your parents, loading up a presentation to share with your co-workers, or prepping for a road trip by taking a full season of Game Of Thrones with you (NO SPOILERS), iLuun air is a simple way to make sure your movies, , and pictures are easily accessible and with you wherever you go.

iLuun Air


iLuun Air is a wireless flash drive that allows you to transfer and view data between your computer and mobile devices without taking up precious storage capacity.

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Stream and share

iLuun Air makes a mini wireless network wherever you are. This means whether the drive is next to your phone, or in the other room, you can still access your files. It is battery powered so it cuts down on the nedd for a power adapter, and because it’s, you don’t need to worry about connection adapters when going between devices. The flash drive does come with USB 3.0 transfer technology if you’re retrieving files from a computer without built-in wireless capabilities.

And you can connect up to eight users at once to your iLunn Air or stream video to three devices simultaneously so everyone on the road trip can gasp when they find out (SPOILERS) what really happened to John Snow.

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