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Keep friends and family in the

Photo and video sharing made easy

We’ve all been there. Needing to share a file with someone who just doesn’t get computers. Trying to send files in the easiest way, only to have it backfire when you can’t talk them through download
ing it and discover they need to take a Computers 101 course.

Loop is a personal display and app that help you share photos with friends and family.This elegant and simple box holds photos and videos from your travels. Set up a display with the Loop App for yourself or family and you can choose what images or videos display on that Loop.This compact device works without your phone after it is initially set up.This allows you to share photos and videos, even with less tech-savvy relatives.

Never miss a moment

makes photo and video sharing with your friends and family a breeze. Now, they never have to miss out on key moments, whether they live across town, across the country, or across the globe.

It’s a personal display and app that allows you to send and view photos and videos. It’s the perfect solution for those who aren’t so tech-savvy to stay in the loop and see your photos without the hassle of download
ing programs or creating accounts to access files.

Once Loop is set-up, you don’t need your phone to use it. You can use the free app if you want, or you can just scroll through pictures with the knob on the device and even “Like” pictures with the built-in buttons.



Loop is a personal display and app that allows you to send and view photos and videos with your friends and family across the house, country or globe.

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The more the merrier!

The Loop display creator can invite as many people to join as they like. Once you have access to join, multiple people can upload and share photos or videos for other members to enjoy.

If you like to make people laugh or add a personal touch, you can also add captions to photos when you load them. Loop has a built-in SD card slot so you can also drop the card from your camera into the slot and your photos and videos will instantly show up in the Loop display. What a great way to stay in the loop.

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