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The + is a guitar and music lessons all rolled into one. The Bluetooth Smart-enabled digital guitar has real strings and frets, and it works with your devices and music apps to give you lessons.

If you’re a beginner starting the journey to your rockstar status, you can take advantage of the interactive guitar lesson app series to get your chords and timing down pat using the sensors in the + that detect your finger placement and the instant feedback that shows up on your device’s screen. Or, if you’re already a rockstar, you can practice your licks, get that solo just right, or jam away to come up with an awesome new melody.

Because you’re using the app to learn, you can learn at your own pace and on your own schedule.



The jamstik+ is a Bluetooth Smart-enabled digital guitar that has real strings and frets and works with your devices and music apps so everyone can learn how to play.

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Perfect portable practice

Because the jamstik+ is essentially just the neck of the guitar, it makes it the perfect portable practice tool.

Advanced players can take things to the next level, as the jamstik+ is a fast and versatile MIDI controller. It’s compatible with hundreds of apps, so you pretty much create whatever sound you want. You can build and record an entire song from the beat of the drums and bass up to the guitar and keys with nothing more than the jamstik+. Rock on.

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