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Master your mornig routine from bed with this smart clock

Make your life easier with Beddi

We have enough challenges in a day…waking up and rolling out of bed shouldn’t be one of them. This smart alarm clock will make getting up a breeze, and it’ll also take care of some of the other mundane daily tasks that you’re tired of dealing with.

The Beddi Smart Alarm Clock helps you start your day a little easier by connecting with your home!This alarm clock integrates with NEST, WEMO, Hue and more to automate your morning routine. Gently fall asleep to white noise and wake up to local traffic and weather reports.Set up to four alarms or choose to wake up gradually to Beddi's LED lights.

The perfect way to get out of Beddi each morning

The Beddi Smart Alarm Clock is an intelligent alarm clock that will make rolling out of bed in the morning an enjoyable part of your day. You can set up to four alarms at once, and it has a wake-up light that simulates a gradual, natural sunrise so you aren’t jarred awake. You can also set it up to work with Spotify, which means you’ll drift out of sleep and into your day with your favorite tunes every morning.

Beddi is smart-home ready and can be configured to work with your other connected devices, like Philips Hue, NEST, WEMO and LIFX, so you can call UBER in an instant, dim your lights while you read in your snuggly duvet, or brew a cup of coffee as you climb out of bed.

Your phone can rest in Beddi’s cradle overnight and the provides a traffic and weather report on your device’s screen, so as soon as you get up, you’ll know what to wear or if you need to plan an alternate route to scoot around a traffic snarl.

Beddi Smart Alarm Clock


The Beddi Smart Alarm Clock is an intelligent device that helps you fall asleep at night with white noise and wake up naturally in the morning with simulated sunrise, and it works with your smart home devices to make going to bed or starting your day a breeze.

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Sleep soundly

A white noise/soothing sound generator helps you fall asleep at night, and multiple USB charging ports keep all your devices juiced up. Beddi even has a 2.1 USB port to rapid-charge your tablet at double-speed while your phone charges through the other port.

This smart alarm clock is available in black or white, and the mood lighting hues it can display are endless. If you want a relaxing, soft yellow glow while you drift off to sleep, you got it. Or, if you want a blue, pink or red party-light atmosphere while you get ready to go out, pick whatever you’re feeling and the Beddi will amp up the mood with a colored glow. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

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