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This smart thermometer is one hot commodity!

Designed to measure temperature anywhere

Whether you want to keep baby’s room warmer, the fridge slightly cooler, be notified when the shower has pre-heated to the perfect zen zone, or know if your cooler is keeping food from spoiling, ThermoPeanut will get the job done.

The Thermo Peanut is a connected thermometer that will alert you of temperature changes. This sensor connects with NEST and other connected devices to monitor your home's temperature.Keep the sensor in a fixed spot or move it around your house to track temperature changes on the fly.Thissensor protects your home and belongings from damage in the event of major temperature changes.

Simple. Useful. Affordable.

ThermoPeanut is a thin, smart wireless thermometer that’s enabled with Bluetooth Smart technology. It can measure the temperature of specific rooms or appliances in your home, or you can bring the small sensor with you on the go to measure the temperature of different items or places.

The SensePeanut sends details right to your phone or tablet so you know in an instant if things are warmer or cooler than they should be, and it keeps a logged history of the temperatures you’ve measured. ThermoPeanut also sounds an alert to let you know if the temperature has changed from your preferred settings, even if it’s not connected to your device.

The sensor works with NEST Thermostats, Philips Hue bulbs, Belkin WeMo plugs, and more to help you save on energy costs and it also alerts you when you’re wasting energy.



ThermoPeanut is a Bluetooth Smart-enabled wireless thermometer that can measure the temperature of specific rooms, appliances or things and notify you if they get too hot or cold.

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Sticks with you, wherever you need it

The sensor can be adhered to a wall or attached to a key ring to take on the go, and it works from -5 to +140 degrees Fahrenheit. You can track multiple sensors through the same app, so you can keep an eye on temperatures throughout the rooms in your house, if you want, and you can control them even when you’re not at home…just leave a tablet nearby the sensor when you leave home to sync the data.

A word to the wise: The ThermoPeanut is not water resistant, so don’t go measuring bath or pool water with this device.

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