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Tech to go!

A 3D theater wherever you go!

Your own 3-D virtual mobile movie theater

Love traveling but hate watching what’s on the airplane? Want to keep the kids entertained (and quiet) on road trips? Don’t want to miss your favorite live sporting events? Moon brings the world of theater to you.

The Moon by Royole is a highly portable and immersive 3D media viewer!Enjoy movies in 3D movies with noise-cancelling headphones for an incredible experience.The Moon is available in multiple colors and has adjustable focus.

The perfect traveling companion

The Moon by is a cinematic 3-D virtual mobile theater that goes wherever you do. The device creates a whole new viewing and gaming world for you. With Moon’s adjustable focus, you don’t need to worry about not wearing glasses when you immerse yourself into the cinematic world and you can control it with the touch of a finger.

When you’re on the go, Moon goes with you. Noise-canceling headphones help transport you out of our world and into the movie or live event that you’re watching or the game that you’re playing. Moon is able to give you an out-of-this-world, 800-inch curved screen experience in a 1080P ultra high-definition display. It’ll blow your mind.

When you get where you’re going, Moon folds up for easy storage…the world’s first design like this. And if you didn’t get through your whole movie, you can hit pause and come back to it for instant playback where you left off.

Moon by


The Moon by Royole is a foldable, cinematic 3-D virtual mobile theater that goes where you do and allows you to watch movies or live events and play games in ultra high-definition.

The display size can be adjusted to give you a true theater experience or to give you a heads-up display for your gaming needs.

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To the moon and back

Your Moon has 32GB of internal storage, but it also its own operating system and connects quickly to offer you access to the world’s best movies, music and games…online or offline.

You can adjust the display size you fit your needs. You can simulate the perfect theatre-going experience, or you can turn it into a heads-up display for when you’re in gaming mode. Simply stated, Moon is out of this world!

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