How to Setup the iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus

This is how to the 7 and 7 Plus the right way so that you can start using your new quickly.

“How do I the 7?” and “How long will it take to setup the 7?” are two of the most popular questions we’ve seen users ask today and this will attempt to answer all of the questions for you quickly and clearly.

You can get help from Apple to setup your iPhone or from your carrier. You can even make an online appointment with Apple if you ordered directly by going to your order status page.

How Long Does it Take to Setup the iPhone 7

This is how long it takes for the iPhone 7 setup to finish.

Setting up the iPhone 7 takes 15 to 30 minutes if nothing goes wrong. This is just to get you to the point where you can use the iPhone. If you run into Activation errors this could easily go to an hour.

After the initial setup you can choose setup as a new iPhone and start using it, but most users will want to restore from iCloud or an iTunes backup. This can easily add another hour or two to the iPhone 7 setup time. This is especially long during the first few days of the new iPhone release.

In all expect to spend at least half an hour, but more likely close to two hours if you need to restore from an iCloud backup.

How to Setup the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus

The following steps walk you through how to setup the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus right from out of the box.

Backup Your Old iPhone

Unless you plan to use this as a new iPhone you should make sure you backup your old iPhone right before you upgrade.

How to Backup iPhone to iTunesHow to Backup to iCloud

If you backup to iTunes you can typically speed the iPhone 7 setup process significantly.

Activate the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus

Turn off your old iPhone before you start this part of the setup. When you turn on the iPhone 7 you need to activate it.  Choose your language and country and then you will need to connect to WiFi or use Cellular.

Activate the iPhone 7 or just swap sim cards from your old iPhone.

You may need access to the billing zip code and last four digits of the primary account holder’s SSN in some cases. If you bought at Apple or at a carrier store there is a good chance that your iPhone 7 is already activated. You may see a prompt to call your carrier to complete activation. There are some iPhone 7 activation problems.

Choose How to Setup Your New iPhone 7

Pick how to setup your iPhone 7.

Now that your iPhone is activated, you need to choose how you will set it up. Most users will want to restore from iCloud or restore from an iTunes backup. This can take a while and you cannot use your iPhone while this happens.

You can also choose to Setup as a New iPhone. You can do this if you want a fresh start or you can do this if you need to use your iPhone 7 right now and plan to restore from a backup later. This is very handy if you need to use your iPhone 7 at work and then plan to restore at home.

You can also Move from Android, which allows you to switch from an Android phone to the iPhone 7 in a short period of time. It’s handy if you are switching from the Note 7.

Finish iPhone 7 Setup

Setup the iPhone 7 home button options.

After the iPhone 7 restore completes, you are almost ready to go. Here are the final steps you need to take.

Sign in to your Apple ID, and if needed agree to the terms and conditions.Configure Your home ButtonOn the next page turn on and setup Apple Pay if you want to use this service.Next set up Hey Siri. You need to train Siri to your voice for this to work the best.Enter your account passwords as needed so that you can connect to your accounts.

Now you should make sure you can make phone calls and use cellular data to visit a webpage. If that works you will still need to plug in to power and connect to WiFi to download
the rest of your apps.

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