4 Reasons Not to Install iOS 10.3 & 6 Reasons You Should

The  10.3 update is a huge update and it brings some important changes to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. And while some of you will want to the 10.3 update on your device today, others might want to skip it.

Finally, after a lengthy stint in beta, the iOS 10.3 update reigns as the official version of iOS 10 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Unlike iOS 10.2.1, Apple’s iOS 10.3 update is a huge milestone update that features bug fixes, security patches, tweaks, and new features.

iOS 10.3 is a substantial release and it’s definitely worthy of your attention as we push away from its release date.

iOS 10.3 is now out for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

iOS 10.3 is a huge a large update if you’re coming directly from the previous version of iOS 10, iOS 10.2.1. It’s over 600MB for the iPhone 7.

If you’re coming from an older version of iOS, iOS 10.3 will be even bigger thanks to iOS 10.2.1/iOS 10.2 and Apple’s previous versions of iOS. You’ll get the features and fixes from older iOS updates baked into your version of iOS 10.3.

There are plenty of to consider installing iOS 10.3 on your device right now but there are also some why you might be better off waiting a few days before installing iOS 10.3 on your phone, tablet or iPod. At this point, you might even consider taking a permanent rain check.

This guide will walk you through these and help you make a decision about your version of Apple’s iOS 10.3 update today.

iOS 10.3 If You Want Better Security

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If you value your security, you’ll want to seriously consider download
ing the iOS 10.3 update on your iPhone or iPad. 

The iOS 10.3 update brings over 60 known patches for potential exploits. That’s substantial, even for a milestone upgrade. The previous version of iOS 10, iOS 10.2.1, brought 14 known patches.

Among them is a patch for a Safari ransomware bug that scammers used to extort iOS users who viewed pornography on their device. 

These patches enhance the security on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch making them ideal for those of you who store sensitive files/data on your device. Most people do.

If you skipped the iOS 10.2.1 update and/or the iOS 10.2 update, know that iOS 10.3 brings their security patches with it as well. Again, the iOS 10.2.1 update had 14 important patches on board. You can see them all right here. 

If you failed to install Apple’s iOS 9.3.5 update, iOS 10.3 will also bring the three crucial security patches it delivered last year. These patch up serious security problems that could potentially expose your calls, contacts, texts, and emails.

If security is important to you, iOS 10.3 is probably worth a download
right now.

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