7 LG G6 Features You'll Love and 2 You'll Hate

The  G6 is an amazing smartphone with impressive and it’s certainly one of the most exciting smartphones of 2017. Here are the things you will love and about the  G6.

LG just announced the G6 at Mobile World Congress, and we’ve been able to go hands-on with a non-final unit over the last 24 hours to test the LG G6 in the real world.

LG ditches the modular design of the LG G5 and drops one of the popular LG V20 as the company pushes forward to take on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the iPhone 8.

The LG G6 features you’ll love, and two you’ll need to learn to live with.

At first glance the LG G6 design is familiar, but when you take a closer look small details stand out and elevate the phone to a new level.

If you traditionally buy the new iPhone or are thinking about buying the Samsung Galaxy S8, you need to explore what the LG G6 has to offer before you make a call.

Watch the video above to see the LG G6 features we love and two that some users will . The good news is, if you love all the same LG G6 features that we do, the other two are easy to accept. Here are the LG G6 features we love;

Large, Beautiful DisplayEasy to Use with One HandImpressive CamerasWater Resistant DesignBig Battery, Fast Charging & Wireless ChargingGoogle Assistant OnboardMicro SD Card Support

Each of the slides below walks through the LG G6 features and LG G6 specs that you’ll love and hate.

Amazing Display

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 The LG G6 display is absolutely beautiful. The display uses an 18:9 ratio to deliver more usable space in a smaller package and LG chose round corners to make the screen less likely to break when you drop it. 

That’s not all. The display supports DolbyVision HDR, which means you’ll see amazing colors and incredible detail when you stream supported shows and movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime. 

LG packs in a 5.61-inch display that the company says is closer to a 5.7-inch display due to the rounded corners. The screen supports QHD+ resolution and looks stunning. 

The LG G6 is a cinema worthy display that fits in your pocket. This display puts your TV to shame. 

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