10 Best Music Player Apps for Android

Looking for the best apps for ? If so, there are dozens of choices these days. Not to mention multiple amazing streaming services. Whether you subscribe to Google Play or Spotify, or have an SD card full of these are the apps you need to know about.

Most users don’t know it, but there are countless music apps for . Today we’ll be sharing a list of the best options available. Perfect for the casual listener to die-hard audiophiles. Included are a few apps that deliver a better experience and interface. We have it all covered.

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Now that unlimited data is back in 2017 from all carriers, users will be looking to enjoy more content than ever before. Those with Android devices have tons of flexibility rather than being stuck to iTunes. In fact, multiple apps deliver tons of features so we can get the most from our music. Lets get started.

Most owners end up using the app that comes pre-installed on their phone like Samsung’s Music app. What you may not know though, is alternatives from the Google Play Store are way better. Google Play Music has iTunes transfers and cloud streaming. VLC is very robust and widely used for audio and video. Additionally, PowerAmp is the go-to music player for millions of users.

Subscription music services are getting popular, but some still want to listen to their own library and collection of records. If so, you’ll need some of the apps we’ll detail below.

Best Music Player Apps for Android

PowerAmpVLCdoubleTwistGoogle Play MusicBlackPlayer FreeEqualizer Music Player & BoosterShuttleMusixMatchGoneMAD Music PlayerAmazon Music & Others

Above is a list of 10 apps that will be the best for listening to music on your Android smartphone or tablet. A quick breakdown right here for those in a hurry. That said, check out the slideshow below for additional details and links to download

one today.

Google’s Play Store is filled with dozens of music players or streaming apps. There are tons to choose from and a little something for everyone. So many that we can’t list them all. However, we’ve done the hard work for you. By gathering a selection of what we consider to be the best music player apps for Android. Like basic apps that are easy to use, or equalizer controls for those who need it. Not to mention feature-packed apps with more options than most will ever need. Perfect for all you audiophiles. Turn it to 11, and enjoy.


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 First up has to be PowerAmp, which is what I’ve been using as my default music player on Android for some time now. PowerAmp is a fan-favorite for a wide array of reasons, most notably all the features at our disposal. We could talk about all of the features this has for hours, but all you really need to know is that after the 15-day trial, you’ll probably be willing to spend the $3.99 to unlock the full application.

PowerAmp has a unique yet similar interface, and enough features that anyone and everyone will find exactly what they want. From a big “now playing” image with artwork on your homescreen or lockscreen, widgets, theme and skin packs to change the look, to ID tagging options and more. It’s not just visual, this app is loaded with features.

Poweramp has a 10-band graphic equalizer with lots of pre-sets and customization, crossfade, gapless audio, lyric support and plugins, download

s missing album artwork and even offers animated artwork too. Not to mention scrobbling, library scanning, customizable lockscreen, replay gain, support for m3u, m3u8, pls, wpl playlists and it can even play from files, folders or right off of the device. Everything can be customized, audio targets set for select music playback and more.

Poweramp is basically one music player app that rules them all. The 4 widgets give us tons of controls on our home-screen, and if you don’t like the overall look and feel try out any of the themes and skins available for download

or on the Google Play Store. This plays nearly anything and everything, looks good, can be fine-tuned to the max and is only $3.99 at the end of the day.

Download PowerAmp

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