Best Waterproof Smartphones 2017

allow you to use your new phone without worrying about getting it wet, can allow you to take photos underwater and may mean the difference between wiping your phone clean and paying for a warranty replacement.

Although it is still hard to find the perfect smartphone, there are eight great to buy in 2017 that fit different needs and situations.

For years it was tough to find a waterproof smartphone, but now you can find many water-resistant smartphones that are waterproof enough for what most users need. You may still need an iPhone case to upgrade your protection, but many iPhones and Android phones come with enough protection for the average user.

When you look for a waterproof phone it is important to make sure you buy the right level of protection. A water-resistant phone can handle a splash, while one that is billed as waterproof can likely handle full submersion for a half an hour in three to six feet of water. A rugged smartphone can also handle drops and other abuse without breaking.

Check out the best waterproof smartphones for 2017, so you can take pictures like this.

If you walk into a carrier to buy one of the best waterproof smartphones of 2017 most will list specs as water-resistant, which is fine as long as there is a clear indication of how much exposure it can handle. Everything on this list meets specifications that allow the phone to survive underwater for at least 30 minutes.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are both water resistant, but you may need to get a special case if you want to expose your iPhone to water for long periods of time. The iPhone 6s is not waterproof, but a seal helps it hold up to water much better than the iPhone 6 did.

The right iPhone case allows users to carry a waterproof iPhone to the pool or just around the house without worrying about water damage. If you buy an iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 waterproof case from Verizon, the warranty even covers the iPhone with the LifeProof Total Water Protection program.

Here are the best waterproof smartphones for 2017.

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Samsung Galaxy S7

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 is an affordable smartphone with a beautiful screen, amazing design, and a great camera. In addition to all those features, it is also waterproof to a degree.

While you don’t want to take it to deep levels, the Galaxy S7 can survive 30 minutes in five feet of water. That allows you to take some photos in the pool, but you may not want to go completely under for very long. 

The phone has a 5.1-inch Quad HD display, an impressive 12MP dual-pixel camera that takes great looking photos and it is available on all major carriers in the U.S. for about $24 a month on a payment plan.  

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