iOS 10.3.2 Update: 3 Reasons to Get Excited & 2 Reasons Not To

Apple’s confirmed an 10.3.2 for iPhone and iPad and today we want to go over a few  why you should, and shouldn’t, be for the 10.3.2 release.

Shortly after the 10.3 release in late March Apple confirmed its 10.3.2 . The company didn’t take the stage or put out a press release.

Instead, Apple confirmed the update with a release into its beta programs for developers and the general public. Anyone with an Apple ID can try the iOS 10.3.2 update ahead of its release.

The iOS 10.3.2 update will, at some point, replace Apple’s iOS 10.3.1 update. iOS 10.3.1, a maintenance release, is the current version of iOS 10. Only Apple knows when that will occur.

The company hasn’t revealed an official iOS 10.3.2 release date and probably won’t ahead of time. Apple only confirms iOS release dates on stage during media events.

That said, the iOS 10.3.2 update continues to make progress in beta and behind the scenes. And with a release getting closer, we’re taking a close look at the next iOS 10 update for your device.

As of right now, iOS 10.3.2 appears to be a small upgrade for iPhone and iPad but don’t let that discourage you. There are some to feel  about the iOS 10.3.2 release.

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Under-the-Hood Improvements &; Fixes

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If you’re dealing with problems on iOS 10.3.1 or below, you should be excited about the upcoming iOS 10.3.2 release.

As of right now, the iOS 10.3.2 update appears to be a small maintenance release. Updates with this kind of version number, x.x.x, typically are. 

So far, beta testers have tracked down two fixes:

– SiriKit car commands should now work as expected.

– Third-party VPN apps should now work as expected.

At this point we’re not expecting a change log with 100 fixes for lingering iOS problems. That probably won’t happen. However, along with a few select bug fixes, we expect the iOS 10.3.2 update to solve performance issues for some iPhone and iPad users. iOS updates always do. 

If you’re suffering from weird unfixable battery drain, an issue with your Bluetooth, UI lag, random reboots, or another common performance issue, there’s a chance iOS 10.3.2 will fix your problem. There’s no guarantee but there’s a chance.

To give you some hope, we noticed speed improvements on the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s when we download
ed Apple’s iOS 10.3.1 update. iOS 10.3.1 is also a small maintenance update. 

In the meantime, we recommend taking a look at our list of fixes for the most common iOS 10 problems to see if you can’t fix your issue ahead of the iOS 10.3.2 release. 

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