Best Android Smartphones Under $300

Most are very expensive and out of reach for buyers. If you don’t have $700-$800 to spend on the latest Galaxy S7 Edge or Google Pixel, we have you covered. Below we’ve round-up a list of the best under $300. Many of which are great choices here in 2017.

Not everyone wants to spend top dollar for a new phone or sign a 2-year contract. This is why cheap phones are getting more and more popular. Over the past few years we’ve seen an influx of premium devices for under $399. It’s a popular trend, but we can get even cheaper.

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If you’re like millions of customers looking for a cheaper route, read on for more details. These are some of the absolute best Android phones for under $300. Devices that are actually worth the big savings, work great and still deliver a good experience.

The best part of Google’s Android OS is the wide selection from different manufacturers. There is something for everyone in all shapes and sizes. Now days there are cheap options from ASUS, Google, LG, Motorola, OnePlus and many other brands you’d never expect. The result are phones that are under $300 yet still amazingly awesome devices that owners will love.

One problem with budget phones we see from carriers or online is the quality. Many are awful brands that never see updates, have outdated specs, terrible screens or are Chinese devices that simply won’t be enjoyable. Those are what you want to avoid.

Our suggestions are all around or under $300 but are still some of the best Android smartphones in the eyes of many users. These phones are wallet-friendly and work great. The list below is in no particular order, although Google’s own Nexus 5X could be one of the best choices of all. Consider one of these cheap Android phones today.

Google Nexus 5X

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Google’s Nexus 5x is a well-rounded smartphone that was released near the end of 2015. It already runs the latest Android 7.1.1 Nougat release, will see fast updates, and has all the latest features one would want. Like a fingerprint scanner, quad-core processor, a great camera, dual front facing speakers and USB Type-C. When it was first released Google charged $379 and $429 for the phone, but we’ve seen heavy discounts lately. It can be found for under $300 now that the Pixel is available.

Google last charged $329 for the 16GB model before removing it from their store. It’s barely a year old so there is no reason to pass on it. Get one from Best Buy, Newegg or eBay. This phone delivers on all the essentials for less than $300. The only downside is the plastic design, rather than a premium metal some would get with a Samsung or iPhone.

It’s available for just $279 from the popular site Newegg. And that’s with 32GB of storage. If storage isn’t a concern, unlocked 16GB models are $259 on eBay. 

Buy the Nexus 5X on eBay for $259

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